The Data namespace is where more generic helper functions related to data handling is found.

GUIDs are random IDs useful for uniquely identifying elements such as UI controls and data items. The IDs carry the same signature as GUIDs or UUIDs generated by Windows and Unix systems.
However, contrary to real GUIDs/UUIDs, the IDs generated by CreateGuid is not quaranteed to be globally/universally unique. Two separate computers (or even browser sessions) could theoretically create two identical IDs.
GUIDs generated by Fit.UI should therefore only be used locally.

// Create GUID with dashes - e.g. e90a9ce7-cab4-4313-a340-55d716328039
var id1 = Fit.Data.CreateGuid();

// Create GUID without dashes - e.g. 24c1e4801ba12f4ac6380513f0a5d8f8
var id2 = Fit.Data.CreateGuid(false);
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