The DropDown menu control is a very sophisticated picker control which allows for lots of customization. It can represent data in a flat ListView or a hierarchical TreeView, keyboard support makes it easily accessible, the order of selected items can be changed using drag and drop, it has a rich event model, and even has a WebService enabled sibling (WSDropDown) that can bind directly to a server to load data dynamically.

Basic example
var dd = new Fit.Controls.DropDown("DropDown1");
var lv = new Fit.Controls.ListView();
lv.AddItem("Administrator", "Admin");
lv.AddItem("Guest account", "Guest");
lv.AddItem("James Jacksson", "JJackson");
    if (dd.GetSelections().length !== 0)
        var t = dd.GetSelections()[0].Title;
        var v = dd.GetSelections()[0].Value;
        alert("Selected: " + t + " (" + v + ")");

DropDown with TreeView

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