About Fit.UI

Fit.UI is an Object Oriented framework for building JavaScript based applications and user interfaces./BrowsersLogos2.png

Key attributes of Fit.UI

  • Built on Object Oriented principles

  • Well-structured code and architecture

  • Cross-browser support (IE8+ and all modern browsers)

  • Optimized for mobile and tablet (responsive)

  • Reliable and consistent

  • Highly configurable

  • Actively maintained and Open Source (GitHub)

Our framework is divided into two projects that ships as Fit.UI: Core and Controls.
In Core we have everything related to writing Object Oriented apps and components in JavaScript. It enhances native JS with added features for:

The Controls namespace contains a comprehensive collection of useful and highly configurable UI controls that can be combined in a variety of ways. These are built using the Core components of Fit.UI.

  • Button - Inspired by Bootstrap with support for Font Awesome icons

  • CheckBox - Classic checkbox control with common look and feel across browsers

  • ContextMenu - Easily pop up additional options using the context menu

  • DatePicker - Let users select a data/time - uses native controls on mobile devices

  • Dialog - Dialogs for displaying additional content

  • DropDown - Highly customizable drop down control with support for multi selection and displaying data in a tree view

  • FilePicker - Easily (multi) select, preview, and upload files using a simple button

  • Input - Single line, Multi line and HTML editing made easy

  • ProgressBar - Live visualization of progress as it happens

  • TreeView - Display data in a tree view - use it for navigation or for selecting data

Several controls can even bind directly to the server to automatically load data from a WebService as JSON.
Fit.UI is open source (LGPL) - download or fork it on GitHub - website powered by Sitemagic CMS